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Welcome to our website. The official place to check out all and everything about Quantum Gothic. After a lot of work and time spent devoting all our resources to its reopening we’re finally here again! Please bear in mind that you may still find a few rough edges navigating throughout the pages but for any issues of any kind that is related to QG don’t hesitate emailing us and we’ll do whatever we can to fix it and accommodate your wishes.

 All the work generated in the past year or so it’s been primarily aimed at getting our ‘Quantum Engine’ up and running again. As time goes by and orders will start coming in, we’ll gain enough speed and momentum to shift to the next gear up, gradually re-entering the whole range plus lots of new hot stuff for all our fans to enjoy! So, help us keep the ‘Engine’ running and travel together with us through the infinity of our collective imaginations and unlock its hidden marvels! Enjoy the ride. This is only the beginning to a long exciting journey through which you’ll be granted the chance to open new doors into undiscovered war-gaming experiences. Thank You!

Welcome to our World!

A World of Sci-Fi Gothic War Scenery and Miniatures set to enhance your gaming experience and fuel your imagination taking you directly in to the heart of your 'Battles'. Our mission, to design and produce some of the best high quality sci-fi gothic scenery and miniature resin kits to support and enrich the multiverse of the most dedicated war-gamers out there and help them enjoy maximum game experience. The Quantum Gothic scenery range was born mainly aimed at the 28-32mm miniature war-gaming tags, however it will easily find a place in the lower and higher scales too. Get ready and embrace for impact!

Welcome to the Quantum Gothic World!


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> QG HOME: Here you'll find all the general news about the ranges and the business.

> The WORLD: This is where we'll publish all that concerns the narrative and background of our World.

> SCENERY: Here we'll publish latest images and news on the development of our QG scenery range.

> MINIATURES: This is the section dedicated to the development of our miniatures range with updates and more.

> SHOP: Buy our products and Enjoy these exciting ranges!

> CONTACT: Do you have a question or feedback for us? Here you can contact us directly.




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