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UPDATE: 18 February 2015

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UPDATE: 25 January 2015

Exciting! Finally the 'Catalyst' missile launcher makes a comeback to our online shop accompaigned by our Sentry Guns and Tank Traps set!

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And so after the initial kiskstart our QG range gets finally another injection of classic goodies ready at your disposal to serve your enjoyment. Starting with what is probably our most known item: Missile/Rocket launcher 'CATALYST' - Winner of the 2009 Tabletop Gaming News / Best Terrain or Accessory ( Editor's Choice Award ), it's always been a very demanded kit not only for the unique sci-fi gothic style but for its versatility and adaptability within a variety of tabletop games and conversion constructs/vehicles. Next in line are our 'Cuties' : the Sentry Guns. Flamer, Laser and Rifle versions ( all sold separately ) have surely had their share of success in the past. These will adapt well to 28/35 mm scales and even down to the much smaller 'Epic' scales ( Mega Defensive Tower of Death! ). Last but surely not least: The Tank Traps! Who doesn't need them? well, these guys ( or girls, if you like ) stand almost 26mm tall and will offer a strong reliable stop to even the largest of enemy armored vehicles.




UPDATE: December 2014


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A World of Sci-Fi Gothic War Scenery and Miniatures set to enhance your gaming experience and fuel your imagination taking you directly in to the heart of your 'Battles'. Our mission, to design and produce some of the best high quality sci-fi gothic scenery and miniature resin kits to support and enrich the multiverse of the most dedicated war-gamers out there and help them enjoy maximum game experience. The Quantum Gothic scenery range was born mainly aimed at the 28-32mm miniature war-gaming tags, however it will easily find a place in the lower and higher scales too. Get ready and embrace for impact!



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