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Hello Everyone!
It's been a long while since last update, I'll give you that but hopefully it will have been worth the wait.
At the moment this is only meant to be a mild and friendly update to mostly let everyone know that we still exist and we have not disappeared from the face of the planet! Sometimes though we do wonder if all of our efforts are being ferociously absorbed by an invisible black hole sending it all into a Quantum alternate reality. Well, Time and space is apparently relative so we'd like to consider and accept a small degree of plausibility in the existence of a Quantum Vortex resident in our Studio!
So in the meantime, while we desperately wage war on time in an attempt to try to gain some form of control over it, we'd like to offer you our sincere apologies for the persistent delay and to invite you to connect (Like) to the RC Studio Facebook page where we'll be posting all the news concerning also the Quantum Gothic range.
The RC Studio Facebook page was only open few months ago with the intent to supply a broader and more stable way of contact and also to show what the Studio is up to, including any news regarding Quantum Gothic resin range. Soon in fact we'll make public the Official Quantum Gothic Facebook page.

So to conclude this 'relatively' small news letter and for all of you that have emailed us wishing to be included into a mailing list we would be grateful if you 'Liked' us!

Thank you and Best Wishes to You All!
RC Studio 2014


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