Intellectual Property Policy

RC Studio's Artistic Property

RC Studio ( the Artist Roberto Cirillo ) has been developing art and sculpting scenery miniature kits for the Quantum Gothic resin kit range since 2007. An incredible number of hours ( years ) and dedication have contributed to producing this unique range.

As the creator, Roberto Cirillo ( RC Studio ) owns a number of rights collectively referred to as intellectual property (IP) rights. These include:

Copyrights – This is the exclusive right to produce (including but not limited to ) digital or physical copies of our creations. It covers our miniatures, artwork, books, logos, website images and text. It not only covers exact copies but also anything which copies a significant part, typically the most important and unique features.

Trademarks – These are marks (names, logos, icons, symbols and so on) which identify a product as being produced by RC Studio or by an official licensee. Our trademarks include Quantum Gothic, Quantum Gothic Wars and more.

Supporting the Hobby

We encourage a creative hobby and love to see our customers/fans showing their creativity through our products.

However, we would like to invite you to please follow the guidelines below:


Counterfeiting can seriously ruin the hobby for everyone. Counterfeiters take advantage of our customers and devalue both our products and your collections.


Producing copies of RC Studio's creations is an infringement of copyright; this includes copying a significant part of our creations. Making models which copy heavily from our artwork, descriptions or products is therefore an infringement. Just because we haven't gotten around to making the model yet doesn't mean you can.

Using RC Studio's trade marks ( Quantum Gothic, Quantum Gothic Wars, etc...) to name or identify products that were not created by us is an infringement of our trade marks.


If you think you have a cool idea and want to make a product that you will be distributing (either for free or at a cost) using our IP then you need permission in the form of a license from RC Studio ( the Artist Roberto Cirillo ).


We reserve all rights including the right to change this policy so please check back for any changes.

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